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Social Media

It's time to get social, or get left behind.

Your customers are on social media, not only are they on social media. They are on it every day, every chance they get.

The focus has shifted.

These platforms are a huge part of our consumers world, part of their everyday. Part of their lifestyle. If you can really become part of these platforms, you will become part of your consumers lives.

It’s simple. With the way the world is today, you can’t afford to not be active on social media. It’s not enough to just do it, you have to own it.

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Content Is The Key

Content is the single most important part of this social media game, you can be as active as you want on the platforms. But if all you’re posting is crap, it’s not going to help you very much. Every platform requires a different voice, a different type of content. Make sure you are following the social flow of the network you are on to get the most engagement from that platform.

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Join the conversation

Whenever a customer leaves a review, it is an invite to a conversation about their experience. Good or bad. Ignoring them is not only bad business, it’s bad social skills in general. When a customer leaves a review about a bad experience, publicly discuss this with them and get it handled. Too many people are worried about getting bad reviews removed and directing the conversation to a private form of communication. Keep it in the open.

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A Clean, Modern Brand

Yes, this applies to your industry. Your brand image needs to keep up with the times. This goes a long the same lines that your content needs to be beautiful for people to want to engage with it. You can do everything right, but if you still look like your doing business in 2001, you are going to severely decrease the amount of results you get.

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Social Media Management

Let us worry about it, so you don't have to! No matter what you're currently doing on social media, we can make your business a top performer. From custom content creation for each platform, to getting it in front of the eyes of the people that care most. We become part of your team and do whatever it takes to help strengthen the voice of your business online.

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Website Building & Secure Cloud Hosting

With most of the discovery happening over social media, a lot of the world will tell you that your website is less important. We think your website still serves a great purpose and here’s how. Look at your website as a hub to show off all of your content, while your busy engaging over the social media platforms, posting videos to YouTube, writing blogs that get shared on Twitter & LinkedIN. You can keep your website as a library for your customers to be able to see everything you are doing.

Custom Content

This is where it get's exciting, once we work together to figure out who you are as a business and who our target audience is. We take that information and create content around that image and message. Every platform has different content types that work best, so we take our time to craft the content to best fit each network. Starting with photo & video on site, to graphic design to add the finishing touches. We know the science of what makes up a good performing post.

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Get custom print products directly from Bright Lights, we print clothing and other promotional and team gear.
From live chat on your site to visitor analytics, check out our suite of plugins and tools for your site.
Get more information about the people that visit your business with a social powered hotspot. Collect information from social platforms about your guests such as age, hometown, name & email. You can even see how often each customer visits and determine your top customers.

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